Roots & Culture | Roots and Culture - Tour Chocalán Vineyard y Punta de Lobos
Our trip begins with a guided tour of Viña Chocalán, a 350-hectare family vineyard located 80 km southwest of Santiago.
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Our trip begins with a guided tour of Viña Chocalán, a 350-hectare family vineyard located 80 km southwest of Santiago.

In the tour of the vineyard you will know the entire process of wine production, visiting places such as the vintage yard, vinification room and barrel room. You can also taste 3 of its wines in a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the vineyards.

We continue our trip until we reach Pichilemu, where we stop for lunch at a delicious local restaurant.
After recharging energies, we will focus on the most exciting activity of the day: Surfing in Punta de Lobos.

We start with a complete class at the Promaucae surf school, certified by the National Tourism Service, where we will learn the movements necessary to tame the famous waves of Pichilemu.

Once at sea, you will feel the strength of the South Pacific, with its particular energy and vitality. A wonderful moment of connection with nature.

If you are new to surfing, do not worry! Punta de Lobos beach is quite big and has waves for all tastes: from beginners to more experienced surfers. You will also be under the strict care of professionals with years of experience.

We end our day touring the town of Pichilemu and then return to Santiago. While we can not guarantee it, it is very likely that you will sleep the whole trip: our van is very comfortable and the surf leaves you exhausted!


Private transport

Transfer back and forth to the door of your lodging

Tour in Chocalán Vineyard

Guided wine tour with wine tasting included

Lunch at local restaurant

Includes choice of background and drinkable

Promaucae Surf School

Surf lessons taught by certified professionals

Complete equipment

Water suit, keels and surfboard


> Swimwear <
> Towel <
> Sun blocker <
> Warm clothes for the afternoon <